Zwetelina Alexieva

ZWETELINA ALEXIEVA (1967, Sofia, Bulgaria)

After a degree in German and English studies in Sofia, Bulgaria, Zwetelina Alexieva does her apprenticeship of jewellery in Dusseldorf, Germany. In 1993 she opens her own studio in Sofia. She is a member of Forum Für Schmuck und Design, Cologne, Germany. She has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Bulgaria and in several European countries.

“I think about my pieces the way I think about living things. Some of them have a skeleton and a skin, others have twigs and leaves. Some have similar building schemes, but none of them are identical. The process of making is like growing an organism. I use wax wires and elements to build a structure and to form a shape. My pieces emerge slowly and are sometimes intricate. They need a patient observer and time to be appreciated.” Bio