Salima Thakker

SALIMA THAKKER (1975, Wilrijk, Belgium)

I never put my ideas down on paper, I always proceed directly from the material, experimenting, making large numbers of samples, searching for forms, movements or surfaces that excite me. It is a system of trial and error where I find my inspiration.

In the past, this has led to a series of ornaments that radiate self-assurance, by joining together numerous small wedge-shaped elements suggesting animal scales and spines. It’s a series of intriguing pieces, their ingenuity only becoming really clear the moment they shed their apparent solidity and fluidly trail across and snake around a neck, wrist or finger, following the movement of the body, as though actually a second skin.

To avoid the proces of creating to become a proces of constructing, I always try to look for new approaches. Starting points can also be a very elemental action such as cutting, folding or bending, all leading to deformation and distortion; adding vitality and tension to regularity. Each piece is an exploration and exploitation of the extremes and limits of the material.   Bio