Ana Albuquerque

ANA ALBUQUERQUE (1964, Lisbon, Portugal)

Ana Albuquerque works and lives in Lisbon. She views her work as a result of a very slow process of investigation, maturation and production, which coordinate themselves in a difficult way within the contemporary “gestalt”, but that allows to acquire a very peculiar and stimulating kind of knowledge.

With a graduation in Sculpture – Fine Arts by FBAL, Lisbon (1994) – she also as training in Furniture – Decorative Arts, by Fundação Ricardo Espírito Santo (1986) and between 1987 and 1992 studied Jewellery at AR.CO and Contacto Directo School. In 1995/ 96 she finished a bachelor in Theology by UCP, Lisbon. In 1992 was a trainee at the Nunes & Garrido Jewellery Studio. The regular training within sculpture, jewellery and tapestry workshops complements her education course.

Ana Albuquerque has been building partnerships with privates, companies and public institutions as a way of creating prototypes, artefacts and projects of contemporary objects. Her work has been presented in both Portuguese and International galleries and museums. Bio