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Window Project

Opening: 20 September 2018, Thursday, 18:00h – 20:00h.
21 September – 15 October.
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The Body’ s Measure

The relation between body and space, the scale, limits, delimits, and informs. It expresses herself an objective reality given by the assessed measure within the mathematical reason, but at the same time we perceive a subjective relationship that touches within our senses, affections and comfort.

Sigurd Bronger


Sigurd Bronger

Opening: 20 September, Thursday, 18h – 20h.
21 September – 15 October 2018
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It is about how I look at different elements from Nature and everyday life. Sometimes these elements are not so obvious to be used in jewellery as such. These elements are a reminder of the fragility of Nature and life. The surreal compositions that result when these pieces encounter perishable materials can be humours and absurd.

The main issue of making “things” has to do with the fascination of the absurdity one might observe by experiencing this in life. The dialog between things and nature takes place in time, and says something about historical epochs as well as our perception of so-called constant sizes. This is the arrival point and the landing ground of my voyage of discovery.

Sigurd Bronger

Eichenberg and Reis



Opening: 20 July, Friday, 18h – 20h.
21 July – 03 August / 04 September – 15 September 2018
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Iris Eichenberg and Marta Costa Reis explore the notion of time, or: the materiality of days and years and ages that go by, lived yet escaping, running away from us. We feel decaying. Is there anything that we can hold on to, can stop this movement, can we capture time? Cyclical time offers some reassurance, things that come and go and come again. Fleeting moments, in contrast, make sure that something new will follow. There will be a time that excludes us, that we will no longer be part of. The cycles continue, regardless. Life, no more than a fleeting moment; mementoes yet may sustain themselves, and, maybe, us.

expo Twenty Years Past

parallels Tamia Dellinger



Window Project

Opening: 20 July, Friday, 18:00h – 20:00h.
21 July – 03 August / 04 September – 15 September
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What’s left after a conversation? These pieces leave their trail on the body, its use becomes visible, blemishes. Each time they are used they deteriorate, empty themselves, until there is nothing, until they are only a skeleton. The memory remains.

parallels Typhaine le Monnier



Window Project

Opening: 20 June, Wednesday, 18:00h – 20:00h.
21 June – 15 July
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Exercise nº11 – Extension for a circle.

Statement: draw a circle based on a given center and a radius of 3cm. From this circle extract two parallels tangents of a length of 5cm each. Connect both tangents.

Drawing: Typhaine Le Monnier. Type: Bracelet Size: 6×10×1,5cm. Publication: 2018. 

Monzo and hipolito



Opening: 20 June, Wednesday, 18h – 20h.
21 June – 15 July 2018
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Making objects by hand so that in the end they remain in that same hand is something I’m always very aware of. When you think about it, hands are very strange, they’re a tool of the human body. In that space you’re the first and also the last person responsible for what happens and it’s there that you generate the world you want. The pieces are ideas placed in a very small area, the hand, which eventually appear in the same place they’ve been made in.

Marc Monzó, in “SUN”, Puento Editores, 2016


On a cloth laid on the forest ground is being celebrated the passage of time, the slow motion gestures that draw the hours in circles, the thoughts that like the wind blowing on a sunny day refresh the mind. It is being celebrated the landscape, the silence, the sharp flavour, the shift in perception.

Leonor Hipólito, 2018

Philip Sajet and Edu Tarin



Opening: 20 May, Sunday, 16h – 18h.
21 May – 15 June 2018
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Soft Stone

Humans like to classify things. Our scientific mind organizes the world and represents it according to all kinds of lists, orders and relations. Stones are also classified and one of the ways to identify them is by hardness. Artists also organize the world but in different ways, defying ordinary understanding. The two artists presented this month by Reverso, Edu Tarin and Philip Sajet, use stones in their work and show us how to make the hard stone soft.

parallels Carolina Quintela



Window Project

Opening: 20 May, Sunday, 16:00h – 18:00h.
21 May – 15 June
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Forget me not (2018) are crystallizations of salt and essence of the flower forget me not that materialize the suspension of an individual and private desire through the artificial re-creation of emotional tears as a request of non-forgetting associated with a love perpetuated by remembrance.

The shape of the objects correspond to the interior of lachrymatories used to collect tears, which after evaporation, the salt that remained crystallized symbolized the end of mourning and the preservation of memory.